About me

Jo became a painter along with being a great grandmother. Jo received a classical training at the Slade School of Art in London, but she only began to express her life experience in painting some fifty years later after she had plunged into family life, resulting in four adult children, eight grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. Her husband had died when her youngest child was two. Painting was not an option!

Gone seventy, family needs all met, she decided to revive those unused skills and chose to use watercolour. She had been accustomed to challenges in life, and this medium, as yet untried, appealed to her for its immediacy and subtlety, and she started out in a spirit of adventure knowing there was a lot to learn. Living in Greece she had become enamored of its sun-flecked shade and the ‘presence’ of its great trees. A lover of light, fascinated by its infinite manifestations, even in the quantum fields, she paints it as it forms and re-forms, weaving its spontaneous patterns into her pictures. … she is aware that light, both spiritual and physical, is a unifying factor through all the levels of existence.


Semper Verum (Always Alive)

Her work ranges from the delight she has to be a mirror of the world of being, but also to bring forth images from the inner world of dreams, to paint the hidden metaphors that lie inside the surface. Some of her paintings are inspired by the mystical writings of Baha’u'llah, Rumi, William Blake. So she happily travels between the figurative, the metaphorical and the abstract worlds of vision and is at home with all of them.

Jo’s earliest memories are of a red wheelbarrow and a many-coloured velveteen bird – colour memories. Her childhood was spent in the flatlands of England’s East Anglia , a world of sky, trees, and far horizons, amidst a huge family of competitive siblings. Her paintings seek to integrate an outer and inner vision of the world both infused by the light of the Spirit.

Native American Dance

Native American Dance

Jo lived in Greece since 1991. Now returned to her homeland in Wales. She has focused on painting in the last 14 years. During this period she has exhibited in:

  • “Arts in Unity” show, Nicosia, Cyprus – April 1997
  • Cultural Center of Zographou, Athens in a two-woman show, December 1997
  • and at the Women’s Showcase of Arts at the Cultural Center, Central Athens, February 1999
  • White Elephant Studio, Athens, in March /April 2009
  • Corinth and Ancient Corinth in April 2009

Her work can also be found at the Gallery Workshop in the latter town,
And in the Culture-Clash Gallery in Ano Korakiana, Corfu.